Why no Outrage?

This morning I was asked why I haven’t written something condemning white supremacy in the United States and saying something about the Charlottesville march, the General Lee statue, etc. There’s a very good reason for it, imho, but before I get to that I will say that I find the state of affairs to be …

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A Word on what’s going on

I’ve been attending St. Thomas Episcopal Church for a while. (Yes, I’m Orthodox, there’s a story, but that’s between me and my confessor and not for thee general public, so don’t ask.) Pretty consistently after the sermons (by Fr Jay Denne), I think, “That’s not how I would have approached the text.” In nearly every …

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Mea Culpa

Sometimes I mistake myself for a humorist. A good humorist can be acerbic without being small-minded. (Don't forget that before "mean" meant "hurtful" or "offensive," it meant "small-minded.") My humor too often is small-minded and thus unintentionally veers off in the direction of mean-spiritedness. Here's my own means-spiritedness measuring stick: Would I be embarrassed to meet a …

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Pictures added

I have edited the previous post (about the new header photos). Since it's inconvenient and time consuming to continually hit the "refresh" button on the browser just to look at the header photos, I turned the previous post into a gallery post with all twelve photos included.


I was looking through my spam queue (making sure legitimate posts weren't getting cast into e-gehenna where there is gnashing of tweets and the worm never dies) when I discovered my filter flagged the following reply to one of my posts as spam. Can you believe it?!? Simply want to say your article is astonishing. …

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