A Word on what’s going on

I’ve been attending St. Thomas Episcopal Church for a while. (Yes, I’m Orthodox, there’s a story, but that’s between me and my confessor and not for thee general public, so don’t ask.) Pretty consistently after the sermons (by Fr Jay Denne), I think, “That’s not how I would have approached the text.” In nearly every case the way that he approached the text was far superior to how the text struck me when it was proclaimed minutes before the sermon.

But it raises the question, how would I approach the text if I actually gave prayerful thought about them rather than reacting to them moments after their proclamation from the center of the nave.

Since the blog has been rather dead lately, I decided to reflect on next week’s text starting on Sunday afternoon.

These are not sermons because they lack community context. I am no longer a pastor and thus no longer have my pulse on a community. On occasion they may be a response to my crazy “Emerging Church Cheerleader” colleague at work, or possibly a riff on the current news cycle, etc. But they are not aimed at edifying a community of faith, rather they are (for me) pre-worship preparation. They occur, not in the hurly-burly of community, nor in the collegiality of a study group, but in the quiet of my own head.

You may find them interesting or you may find them self-indulgent. As always (for this is how I have used my blog for years), they are a repository, or possibly a filing cabinet, for ideas, thoughts, and inspirations I have as I reflect on scripture. The previous post was the first of this little exercise. They probably won’t be every week. I do hope you find them helpful and interesting.


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