Forgiveness by Proxy

One of the more sordid tales of the church in the apostolic era (that we would barely think about twice today) comes out of Corinth. A man (presumably widowed or divorced) shacked up with his mother-in-law and the church was okay with this arrangement. Paul, on the other hand, was not, and in 1 Corinthians …

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Both Discipline and Forgiveness

Sep 10 Gospel – Matthew 18:15-20; Sep 17 Gospel – Matthew 18:21-35I was the Associate Pastor at a congregation that had previously had a pastor who was both a crook (literally – he dared not go to Florida because of pending fraud charges connected with skimming church funds) and a sexual predator. Not surprisingly he …

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A Follow-up on Judgment and Repentance

After posting my previous essay, I listened to this installment of Praying in the Rain (also available in essay form here) with Fr Michael Gillis. He is able to explain certain aspects of how the ancient church and contemporary Christian East understand heaven and hell better than I can. If you are interested in further …

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A Science Fiction Author Meditates on Judgment and Repentance

I am currently listening to a SciFi audio book (Abaddon’s Gate, by James S. A. Corey) that features a very bad young woman (Clarissa) who was pushed over the edge by the arrest of her father and her denial of just how evil her father’s actions were. She kills lots (lots!) of people in her …

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How true it is that in heart and mind the forgiver must set out on voyages of anguish! It is an experience of sacrificial pain, of vicarious suffering. H. R. Mackintosh, The Christian Experience of Forgiveness