A Word About Losing One’s Head

Today, Aug. 29, is an important Feast Day in the whole Christian Church (except Protestantism, which generally does not observe feasts at all): The Commemoration of the Beheading of John the Forerunner, also called John the Baptist. It is a feast that is commemorated by fasting rather than feasting because of the grief the Church …

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Update on My Life as a Teacher

I haven’t posted anything for quite a long time because I’ve been utterly swamped at school. Between reading the textbook ahead of the cadets, making lesson plans, the daily schedule, and grading homework, I have barely kept my head above water. (Which is what I expected, since I didn’t arrive on campus until a few …

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Oak Square

Our last night in Mississippi we decided to stay at a Bed and Breakfast called Oak Square located in plantation house complex in Port Gibson. Technically Oak Square is a town house rather than a plantation house. The plantation, complete with plantation house and all the buildings associated with it, was located a few miles …

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