Disincarnate Words

This is from Fr. Stephen Freeman over at Glory to God for All Things In our culture, words cascade at a never-ending pace, many of them disincarnate without reference to anything true or real. Arguments abound. Words are spoken like weapons, used for effect and not for meaning.


A Dialog on Icons

There is an interesting dialog about icons between Robert Arakaki (the Orthodox Reformed Bridge blog) and the Rev. John Carpenter, pastor at Covenant Reformed Baptist Church in North Carolina. I want to point you in the direction of this rather lengthy interchange. It begins with a monograph by Carpenter that appeared in the Journal of …

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The Role of Pleasure and Pain in Salvation

One of Maximus’ contributions to theological thought is his consideration of pleasure and pain in relation to salvation. Maximus speculates that God did not create a pleasure principle as we know and experience it today. What God did was “create a certain spiritual capacity for pleasure, a pleasure whereby human beings would be able to …

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The Three Births of the Word

I’m currently reading a Maximus the Confessor anthology (On the Cosmic Mystery of Jesus Christ). In “Ambiguum 42” he begins with a quote from Gregory the Theologian’s Theophany sermon where Gregory says: “The Word knew three births for us: bodily birth, birth through baptism, and birth through resurrection.” Since it’s currently Christmas and Theophany is …

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