Old Tugboat Story

This is an old story, so most of you are probably aware of it, but new to me. A tugboat gets trapped against a bridge on a swollen river, gets sucked under the bridge and bobs back to the top on the other side. See the photos here. Snopes verified the story here.


Breakfast at the “teria Smo”

On our way to Texas (see previous post) we ate breakfast in Pratt, KS, at The Historic Serveteria. Notice that half the lighting on the sign is burned out. (Only the "teria" and the "Smo" are lighted.) When the waitress gave us our menus there was a picture of the sign on the menu cover …

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The Supreme Court and the American Class System

In an op-ed piece from the BBC (which has inexplicably disappeared off the BBC News website, so you'll have to take my word for it), a very class-conscious Brit was observing that class has become the driving force in American politics. He further observed that Americans are so ignorant of class distinction that they fail …

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