Eternal Vigilance

I'm currently reading The Whiskey Rebellion: Frontier Epilogue to the American Revolution, by Thomas P. Slaughter. Near the beginning of Ch. 8 he uses the phrase "eternal vigilance." "Eternal vigilance was the price paid for the blessings of liberty." Or as it was stated over 200 years ago: "Free government, in any country naturally verges …

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In Defense of BPI (sort of)

In recent months there has been a major smear campaign against the local Siouxland business, Beef Products, Inc., better known as BPI, and their primary product, "lean finely textured beef," what they prefer to call LFTB, but what most of us are more familiar with by the term “pink slime.” Much of what is written …

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I’m Tempting You With a One Hour Meditation That’s a “Must Listen”

Every year, around the time of the first Sunday of Great Lent, Fr. Tom Hopko offers a variation of his meditation on the Temptation of Jesus as interpretted by Fyodor Dostoevsky. (I suspect some of the non-Orthodox may be a bit surprised by this, assuming that Dostoevsky is merely a long-winded Russian novelist. But he …

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Pictures added

I have edited the previous post (about the new header photos). Since it's inconvenient and time consuming to continually hit the "refresh" button on the browser just to look at the header photos, I turned the previous post into a gallery post with all twelve photos included.