Autumn … poof! it’s here

We've had an unusually cool  late summer early autumn and even managed a few record breaking temperatures and frosty mornings. (In September! That's cold for Siouxland.) But for me autumn isn't tied to the temperature; instead it's revealed in the colors. Up until yesterday the colors have been pretty drab, with greens fading to browns. …

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Sarah Palin gets kudos from the New York Times

Here's a remarkable statement from Sarah Palin, as reported in the New York Times. And it's remarkable because she is taking to task and essentially contradicting the rhetoric of the Republican Party (as well as the Democratic talking point). That's a gutsy thing to do for a person who may enter the Presidential race. "[American …

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Designed to Undermine, not to Overwhelm

Much has been written on this tenth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Much of what I received in my inbax I ignored. Most of what I read wasn't worth the time. People with average intellects merely manage to project their own biases onto world changing events. I suspect that only people with remarkable intellects …

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