A Prayer

This lovely prayer is from today's Morning Prayer: Lord,   be the beginning and end of all that we do and say. Prompt our actions with your grace,   and complete them with your all-powerful help. I love the idea that it is God who prompts, and then, when we respond with action, it is God who …

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Looking for God’s Image

Do not forget yourself in looking upon the beauty of the human face, but look upon the soul; do not look upon the man’s garment (the body being his temporary garment), but look upon him who is clothed in it. Do not admire the magnificence of the mansion, but look upon the dweller who lies …

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Chanting and Drumming and Culture and Christ

Once again this year at Pascha, a YouTube video of the Ghanaian Orthodox faithful singing “Christ is Risen from the Dead” (the hallmark song of Pascha) is making the rounds. I love this song and I love East African drumming (just look at the music collection on my phone!), so when the drummers start drumming …

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