I Mourn the Loss of Michael Jackson

I was – and continue to be – a huge Michael Jackson fan. When we lived in Kansas City I would find an excuse to be in the car from 3 to 5 when his show was on. Those were the days of gentle talk radio: Michael Jackson and (for those who could stomach her) …

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Can I Help You?

I was down visiting my dad and came through Kansas City at dinner time. That can only mean one thing: barbecue! I wasn't in the mood for smoky-sweet (the KC standard) so I decided to go to Gates BBQ. They have a store just off the interstate on State Line Rd and their signature sauce …

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Last autumn I was too severe when fighting back the neighbor's brambles that had crept beyond the fence. Brambles that were suffocating lawn, entangling the mower when it passed near, threatening to expand the neighbor's yard         through my lack of diligence. Dead, yet not defeated, its height collapsed onto my lawn collecting leaves, plastic bags, …

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