My Heart’s in My Back Pocket

I can't believe how backwards I got it. Last week at Parish Council meeting we made final plans for the parish annual meeting (held yesterday after church). We talked about strategies for getting people to attend the meeting and pay attention to what was going on. Within minutes somebody took off on a rant about …

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Memory Eternal, Richard John Neuhaus

Richard John Neuhaus died last week from complications of cancer. I will stop short of calling him a great man because that's not my place. I never knew him, only shook his hand on one occasion and heard him speak at two events. But his legacy within American Christianity is profound beyond words. He was …

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A Twelfth Night Fantasy

In Olde English tradition, Twelfth Night is when the world is turned upside down, the peasants become royalty, and royalty are peasants. In the tradition of Twelfth Night, this essay is an upside down and backwards fantasy about when Protestantism gets it right and Orthodoxy is benighted and confused. I know ... it could never happen, but it's a "twelfth night fantasy." Click on the title to read the essay.