Further Thoughts on the Wandering God

I have always liked the idea of the Christian as wanderer, as expressed in the sonnet for the fourth Sunday of Advent (the previous post). I believe I was in Junior High school when the romance of a totally unencumbered life was first planted in my mind. We would occasionally sing "This world is not …

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My Music in the Ether

Bob Parent has a podcast called "The Write Stuff." Last week he did a podcast on Sara Teasdale and was kind enough to include four songs from my Sara Teasdale collection. Thanks Bob! If you're interested, the podcast can be found here. (You have to click on the above title to get the link.)

Another Thought on the Kingdom of God

As much as I like the sonnet posted Sunday for the First Sunday of Advent, I do need to add a disclaimer: I've come to realize it's a product of bad theology. It treats the Kingdom of God as something "out there" that will come in some observable fashion. This reading of the text is certainly possible. The problem is, it doesn't square with Jesus' teaching. ... Click on the title to read more.