San Francisco: That’s My Story and I’m Sticking to It

I remind you that I was there for something like 48 hours (although that’s 48 hours longer than the commercial fishermen were on the wharf), so one must recognize that this is probably more akin to fiction than authentic travelogue. But as the utterly annoying travelogue announcer on the Amtrak train repeated ad nauseum, “that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.”


In Defense of Invented Words

I read an essay recently (I won’t shame him by posting a link; he’s a friend, after all) in which the essayist went off on a screed—well, it wasn’t very long, so more of a diatribe—about invented words  (ie, “woke” and “fleek”), the verbing of nouns (ie, “adulting” and “Draking” … “Draking”? Really?). His point …

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The Trouble with the Gibeonites

Throughout history the Orthodox Church has made concession for various things which “contradict” canon law, or canon law itself makes provision for things which some people feel are not quite biblical. This odd relationship between rules and reality, between divine intent and human weakness, between the absolute and the pastoral, is as old as scripture …

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Technology Is not the Problem – Nature Is not the Solution

I recently started listening to the Amon Sûl podcast, an Orthodox thematic exploration of Middle Earth. That has led to poking around other Lord of the Rings related things. I have been disturbed (but not surprised) by the discussion around Tom Bombadil (an ancient nature sprite, as old as Middle Earth itself) who appears in …

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