Anselm: Some Further Thoughts

I got some push back on my previous Anselm post. So first, let me clarify what I did and didn't say. What I did say is that Anselm is unfairly disparaged, especially among the Orthodox for all the theological sins of the West. I did not say that his doctrine of salvation was adequate. I …

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Anselm, our Debt to God, and Lent

Poor Mr. Anselm! He's one of the favorite whipping boys for the Orthodox when they complain about where the West went astray in their doctrine of salvation. This has always offended me (yes, "offended" ... I don't think it's too strong a term) because while Anselm was a product of thinking and worldview of the …

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I was reminded of Soren Kierkegaard’s famous and oft misunderstood phrase, “leap of faith,” when I heard an Orthodox acquaintance talking about faith. The generally accepted starting point for an Orthodox understanding of faith is that it is a mode of perception. This is often a problematic starting point for us Romance Language people because …

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Faith and Theology

... When we come face to face with God in Christ, the posture of faith is not hunching over a desk frantically searching to find out, “What does this mean?” It’s rather falling on our face before the Master crying, “I am unclean!” ... Read more by clicking on the title.