A Bit About “The Event of Golgotha”

I was reminded this morning of what Jürgen Moltmann said in The Crucified God (sorry, no pg #, the book's at home). He identified God as "the event of Golgotha." The wags wondered if it is possible to pray to an event. In response, Moltmann said that we don't pray to the event, but rather …

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A Word About Intelligent Design

My sister and brother-in-law are visiting the grand kids for a month while we hold down the fort at their place. Fortunately we had a couple of days at the house together to catch up. He teaches junior high English in a private school so all things education have been covered the last couple of …

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The Circles of God and Evolution (5 of 5)

In this final formal essay on the evolution series, I want to compare the uproar over evolution by natural selection with a previous uproar over cosmology. Harold Nebelsick, in his marvelous book, The Circles of God: Theology and Science from the Greeks to Copernicus (Scottish Academic Press, 1985), traces the development of the driving theological …

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Another New Header Picture

I have a picture of Cape Wolstenholme(the farthest north point of mainland Quebec) that lent itself to the header. The new header photo is taken from a Zodiac. There's a second Zodiac in the foreground and a third (very tiny) at the far left. The ship (home base) is on the horizon.