Knowing About vs. Knowing

I got some pushback (and a question) on my previous essay. In that post I said, “Sophrony describes an experiential knowledge of God in the Holy Spirit who is so powerful, that God has no need to demonstrate his power, a God whose glory is so glorious, God is content to reveal only humility, a …

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Worship and Theology

I’ve noticed an increasing number of self-described Evangelical writers who are questioning the fundamental doctrines of the Trinity and Incarnation. I thought it was just me wandering into unsavory corners of the internet, and then I saw Aidan Kimel’s, Reading Our Way Out of the Trinity, which is a blunt, no-holds barred look at Christian …

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An Exploration of How Paul Knew what he Knew

Saul (that is, the Apostle Paul before Jesus Christ gave him his Christian name on the road to Damascus) was a rather remarkable and faithful Hebrew who, in other circumstances, we would probably want to emulate. He described himself as a “Hebrew born of Hebrews: as to the law, a Pharisee, as to zeal, a …

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