Designed to Fail

One of the genius bits of Holy Week in the Orthodox Church is that it is so intense, a person can't really do it all. To use St. Paul's analogy of salvation as an athletic event, Holy Week is two-a-days (two workouts a day—the most intense phase of practice for a pre-season sports team). There's …

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God Who Is Grace

The Sermon on the Mount is often described in terms of a new law, a Christian law that supersedes the Mosaic Law. Indeed Matthew structures his Gospel to parallel the events of Moses receiving the Law from God on Mt. Sinai. There is also a sense that Jesus interiorizes and radicalizes the Law, making God’s …

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Repentance (Reflections from a Funeral)

I went to a funeral of the parent of an acquaintance this week. My acquaintance is that flavor of Baptist that is very knowledgeable about the Bible, can slip his faith or God’s blessing into every conversation almost without fail (ie, “witnessing”), and has a very specific and narrow meaning of being a Christian and …

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