Sunday of the Blind Man

Sunday was the Sunday of the Blind Man for the Orthodox. Found in John 9, it’s one of the longest and most detailed stories in the Gospels, which creates a challenge. The length, detail, and nuance in the story make it easy to miss the various points. The reader tends to get caught up in …

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Noah in the Sabbath of His Life

I noticed a Sabbath reference in the Noah story, and in my years in school and as a pastor I never ran across anyone who's talked about it. No doubt someone has explored it, but it's new to me. The reference is quite explicit but not particularly obvious because of the vagaries of how we …

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Gregory: The Patron Saint of Social Media

In the previous essay I explored the rather different Hebrew conception of time. I began that essay by mentioning Sergie Bulgakov, a theologian who was active about 100 years ago. Bulgakov, while brilliant, was eccentric, and his eccentricities are probably the reason there continues to be so much interest in him 100 years after his …

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