"Sincerity is an openness of heart; we find it in very few people; what we usually see is only an artful dissimulation to win the confidence of others." Francois de la Rochefoucauld Ironically, I found this quote in a newsletter I receive. It's one of the most insincere pieces of marketing hype I have ever …

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Known By God

Christ is risen! In Gal 4: 9 Paul says, "… now, however, that you have come to know God, or rather to be known by God …" "Modernity" is the period of time that stretches from the Enlightenment until recently, when our (that is, us humans) confidence in all things human began to be shaken. …

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Spring Yard Work

We have some trees that tend to keep their leaves well into the winter, so I generally clean up the leaves in the spring as soon as the lawn dries. That's what I did this week. There were so many I took them to the land fill. (More like a "land hill" than a "land fill" -- they put them on the top of a ridge, so no doubt the neighboring corn fields get the leaves.) I had to weigh in and weigh out. The scale bill said I had 460 lbs of leaves from my yard. That's dry leaves, btw. I had waited long enough so they were no longer soggy. FYI, 460 lbs of dry leaves barely fit into a pickup bed. In fact, they don't fit into a pickup bed. Six of the bags were stuffed in the extended cab.