Out of Egypt

After the election I read an opinion piece that was memorable because it appeared in a self-consciously liberal newspaper. It was a call by a Roman Catholic activist for Catholics to double down on their anti-abortion efforts in the new year because he suspects the Trump administration, and Tom Price in particular (Trump’s nominee to …

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The Really Hard Part

It started with a rereading of Tuomo Mannermaa’s Christ Present in Faith, I have re-engaged with Protestant theology and thinking in a manner that I have not done for over a decade. What I have found most striking is the differing emphasis on the individual and the society. From an Orthodox perspective, the really hard …

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A Word on what’s going on

I’ve been attending St. Thomas Episcopal Church for a while. (Yes, I’m Orthodox, there’s a story, but that’s between me and my confessor and not for thee general public, so don’t ask.) Pretty consistently after the sermons (by Fr Jay Denne), I think, “That’s not how I would have approached the text.” In nearly every …

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