Maximus’ Moment

The Greeks are having a moment, and being one of the most thoroughgoing New-platonists among the Fathers (and who is far more accessible than Dionysius), Maximus is sharing this Hellenistic moment.


Rules and Tools

In the last month I heard someone say that Christian fasting is a tool and not a rule. It’s a distinction that appeals to me, but it directly contradicts the language one often sees from various jurisdictions of the Orthodox Church. In this case, the seeming contradiction is a problem with semantics. In terms of …

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The Trouble with the Gibeonites

Throughout history the Orthodox Church has made concession for various things which “contradict” canon law, or canon law itself makes provision for things which some people feel are not quite biblical. This odd relationship between rules and reality, between divine intent and human weakness, between the absolute and the pastoral, is as old as scripture …

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