Gregory Palamas and the Struggle of Lent

"God wants to reveal himself to the extent that we can bear." Today, the 2nd Sunday of Lent, is Gregory Palamas Sunday in the Orthodox Church. I was attracted to Gregory's theology long before I was Orthodox. He's the guy who articulated the doctrine of the energies of God, providing the defense of Peter's statement …

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A Note on Wall Street Corruption

Porter Stansberry is one of the sharpest financial analysts out there. His most recent claim to fame (that got notice from places like CNBC, Bloomberg, and the Financial Times, was his call several years ago that GM was going to go broke. He was widely jeered and hated for this "clearly anti-American" call, but history …

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Another Word on Retirement Funds

Yesterday I posted something I considered quite ominous about the FDIC's involvement with private citizen's IRA funds in relation to their takeover of the failed 1st Regional Bank of L.A. Turns out there's more to the story. Today former congressman Bob Bauman wrote a blog post delineating some other even more ominous items in relation …

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