Who Is Jim Nelson?

  • Retired pastor
  • Entrepreneur … actually, not so much … but it was sure fun to try!
  • (And to make a wee bit of money while trying to be an entrepreneur)
    • Sometime truck driver (yeah buddy, the 18-wheeled kind!)
    • Sometime high school history teacher (at a military academy no less!)
    • Sometime van driver for the UP Railroad
  • And now, a drafter working at a local construction firm whose primary business is building feed mills all around the United States..
  • Guitar player, sometime writer of wonderful songs, as well as singer of songs — but as Willie Nelson famously wrote, Sad Songs and Waltzes Aren’t Selling This Year … so I took all the songs down from the web site (and then I got rid of the web site!), although there’s still a few available over at MySpace and Lulu
  • Photographer wannabe
  • And of course, one of Mr. Tony’s “littles” – if you don’t understand, it’s really not worth explaining