Anselm, our Debt to God, and Lent

Poor Mr. Anselm! He's one of the favorite whipping boys for the Orthodox when they complain about where the West went astray in their doctrine of salvation. This has always offended me (yes, "offended" ... I don't think it's too strong a term) because while Anselm was a product of thinking and worldview of the …

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Lent, Knowing God, and Holiness

With Lent just around the corner I am once again pondering the difference between knowing God and knowing about God. In the circles in which I grew up and was educated, this was a distinction that was not carefully made. I think especially of the books that were particularly celebrated on this subject such as …

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Old Tom Bombadil and the Monks

An essay taking evangelicals to task for dabbling in Lent, called Much Ado about Something?, was recommended to me this week. Author Kenneth Stewart's historical facts were accurate enough, but he espouses a form of primitivism that I simply don't comprehend. Primitivism is the belief that the apostolic church was a pure church and everything …

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