Follow God, But Not Too Close

Joshua gives the people of Israel an interesting bit of advice before they cross the Jordan in order to take over the Promised Land: follow God, but not too close. The  advice is from Joshua 2:4, “ Follow [the ark of the covenant], so that you may know the way you should go, for you …

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The Word Became Flesh

On this Feast of Theophany, a description by Karl Barth of just what happened in the incarnation, and thus just what was revealed. He did not cease to be the eternal Word of the eternal Father, Himself the one true God. But as this one true God He became flesh without reservation or diminution. He …

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Because Our Concept of God is Too Narrow … Far too Narrow

Ooh la la: Ice storm! Stayed home from work!! Reading Barth!!! Doesn’t get much better than that. Here’s today’s goody from the Church Dogmatics (IV:1, p. 186. 1956 ed., to be specific). Barth is critiquing the idea that the incarnation is “God against God,” an idea that was evidently quite popular among the German Lutherans …

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