Christians don't have a particular feast associated with specifically with giving thanks to God. Rather, all feasts and all Sundays are days of thanksgiving. Neither is there a specific Christian harvest festival. The Jews have Sukkoth in October, but that is not a feast that translated specifically into Christianity, like Pentecost or Pesach. Of course …

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Know Thyself

In a previous post I said I believed our young people would be better Christians if they knew where their food came from; that is, if they actually observed a cow or a chicken getting butchered. I also opined that, while there are many good reasons for being a vegetarian, becoming one simply because we're squeamish about blood is both cowardly and unchristian. Since both claims seem rather outrageous on the face of it, allow me to defend them in this post. Click on the title to read the complete essay.

A Minor Change in the Blog Format

I've discovered I still prefer the long essay form. But long essays don't work well with the new blog format on this site. So I've changed the settings. What appears on the main page is either a summary or the first bit of the blog post. To read the entire post, just click on the title of the post and it will take you to the full text.

Real Christianity – Not for the Squeamish

This week we watched a documentary on Edward Espe Brown, retreat center baker and cook, cookbook author, and cooking instructor. He's mostly a vegetarian (although he recommends bacon in some of his bean recipes). No matter his personal eating habits, nearly all his clientele are either vegetarian or vegan. The story one adolescent told was …

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