Genesis 1 – It’s Almost Poetry

I became acquainted with the Angolan novelist Ondjaki in an interview not long after he won the Jose Saramago prize in 2013. The interviewer asked if the stories in the earlier Good Morning Comrades, and the award winning Gramma Nineteen and the Soviet's Secret were true. Ondjaki carefully didn't answer the question. Later when reading …

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Creationism: We’re Still Arguing About This?

One would think the creationism/evolutionism debate would just go away, but it hasn't. I have been surprised at how many staunch creationists still exist. They're not noisy for the most part, but when they find out I used to be a pastor, they assume that I must be a creationist also. Because of the persistence …

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The Circles of God and Evolution (5 of 5)

In this final formal essay on the evolution series, I want to compare the uproar over evolution by natural selection with a previous uproar over cosmology. Harold Nebelsick, in his marvelous book, The Circles of God: Theology and Science from the Greeks to Copernicus (Scottish Academic Press, 1985), traces the development of the driving theological …

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