Autumn … poof! it’s here

We’ve had an unusually cool  late summer early autumn and even managed a few record breaking temperatures and frosty mornings. (In September! That’s cold for Siouxland.) But for me autumn isn’t tied to the temperature; instead it’s revealed in the colors.

Up until yesterday the colors have been pretty drab, with greens fading to browns. The only thing particularly pretty has been the cornfield across the road which we see from our picture window.

Instead of just drying up and turning the classic broom yellow color of corn ready to be harvested, there has been an unusual mix of green, golden, and brown that is far prettier than normal. Given the fact that the other colors hadn’t developed, I’ve satisfied myself with enjoying the cornfield.

And then yesterday morning I walked into the office shortly after the sunshine popped over the house and discovered that the maple tree outside my office window decided to go all autumn on me overnight. (I swear it was just a dingy green-brown the day before.)

This picture is a bit misleading. The tree next to our neighbor’s house is still green and just beginning to turn yellow. A single branch of the maple tree is lined up directly in front of the neighbor’s tree.

I was blown away by the reds, golds and greens that came together in a perfect autumn combination. I suppose I can now start pulling out my flannel shirts. Autumn is officially here.


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