Sagan’s Satisfying Delusion

Today’s (22OCT2012) Daily Reckoning quote of the day comes from Carl Sagan, who according to the DR, said,

It is far better to grasp the universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring.

How amusing is that? Sagan made a truly great insight although he himself failed to grasp the universe as it really is; he persisted in the delusion that it was merely material and thus completely open to the scientific method. One wonders if he continues to be satisfied and reassured with his delusion after death. Satisfied and reassured? Probably not. More likely he was quite surprised and one hopes quite regretful.


How Do You Like This Recovery?

I occasionally quote Bill Bonner from his free, daily missive called The Daily Reckoning. Just to warn you, the boys and girls over at the DR are very cynical. But cynicism is a lot like paranoia. Just because they’re cynical, it doesn’t make them wrong.

Bill Bonner should Twitter because he has the uncanny ability to encapsulate profundity in just a few words. 148 characters (or whatever it is) would suit him. On second thought, he shouldn’t Twitter, because I’m still not ready to waste my time on that blather, even for Bill Bonner.

In today’s issue he does some classic Reckoning:

How do you like this recovery? Pretty good, huh?

Except for the jobs, of course.

And except for the retail sales.

And except for the foreclosures…and house prices. And incomes. And consumer prices. And business profits.

It’s like a female impersonator…just like a real woman in every way, except for the essential ones.