Singing and Sulking

This is from a lecture by Dr. Christine Mangala Frost, a venerable resource person at the Institute of Orthodox Christian Studies at Cambridge, UK. She is referring to the poetry of the hymns in the divine liturgy.

In poetry, “faith” is standing happily among the angels and singing – whether in or out of harmony is irrelevant – but to sing, and not to fuss about it all being unseen. And not to have faith would then mean to stand among the angels (because one cannot escape that) and to sulk. It’s your choice. Are we going to sing or are we going to sulk?

All this raises a question beyond that of singing or sulking: Do you have a sense of “standing among the angels” when you are praying the liturgy? As Dr. Frost says, “it’s unavoidable.” And it’s one of the beautiful aspects of Orthodoxy.


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