The Bible

Lent starts tomorrow with Clean Monday (yeah, the two calendars are at opposite extremes this year!). Thomas Hopko often suggests a Lenten book or reading list on his podcast. He offered that up last week. I forget the book he suggested; it didn’t interest me, but before he got to his suggestion, he said that he likes to remind people of the following before every making a specific suggestion about spiritual reading:

The Book that we all must read and reread and reread again is the Holy Bible and particularly the New Testament and the Psalms that are often called “the Bible in miniature” in the form of prayers and supplications and songs before the face of God. So anyone in the Christian tradition who wants to know God … should be constantly reading the New Testament and Psalms. … We should be Bible reading people and we should do it by discipline. The Bible is still the Holy Scriptures of our church.

Of course this is obvious, even a truism. But it’s refreshing to hear a scholar, an author of many books, and one of the great living experts on the spiritual writings of the Church, remind us of the basics in such a way.

So, whether you’re over half way through Lent or just starting the journey tomorrow, have a blessed Lent.



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