Chuck Hagel, the State of Israel, and the Jewish People

Concerning Chuck Hagel and the accusations that he’s anti-semitic simply because he’s not a big supporter of the State of Israel:

Huffington Post contributor Howard Feinman (a Jew, by the way, who knows Hagel personally and says he doesn’t believe he’s anti-semitic) had this to say on the subject, when Tony Kornheiser was talking to him on the Tuesday 1/9/2013 edition of the radio show:

A lot of the politics of modern U.S./Israeli relations have nothing to do with the Jews; it’s about the Evangelical Christians, who for better or worse, and for their own theological reasons have adopted Israel as kind of their little brother that they’re going to protect in the name of the Lord. Now complications will come at the End of Days but that’s a theological question not a political one.

That’s both wonderfully astute and entertainingly snarky.


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