Do You Hate LeBron?

Now that I’m a real college student again I feel it’s incumbent upon me to watch inane sports shows on television. What I learned this week is that everyone hates LeBron James. At least that seems to be the universal opinion on ESPN (that would include, Kornheiser, Wilbon, Paige, Plashke, Beadle, Cowherd, Smith ad nauseum). All these “journalists” are quick to point out that they don’t hate LeBron but that everyone else in America hates LeBron.

Oddly, I’ve never met a soul who hates LeBron, just people who say everyone else hates LeBron.

So my question is, does anyone actually hate LeBron? And if so, who are they? If you hate LeBron, let me know.

I myself really like him. I put the Miami Heat in the same category as the New York Yankees … not a real sports team, just a high paid collection of superstars put together by a mega-millionaire. (Although Micky Arison is really fascinating and probably quite likable.) I actually do dislike Dwayne Wade because of his appalling sportsmanship and in any other circumstances would probably dislike the Heat as much as dislike the Yankees in a disembodied and theoretical sort of way. But I find LeBron so likable that I just can’t help myself and I’m rooting for the Heat to beat the Seattle Sonics (who were kidnapped and are being held prisoner under an assumed name in the state of Oklahoma).

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