There’s probably a “Why’d the chicken cross the road?” joke in here somewhere.

If you want to cut calories, skinless chicken breast is the best way to get your protein. Right?

Read it and weep (the following are all 4 oz servings, fat and skin removed before cooking. Calorie count by “Fit Day.”)

  • Lamb – – – – – – – – – –   302 calories
  • Beef – – – – – – – – – – –  285 calories
  • Chicken breast – – – – 183 calories
  • Bison – – – – – – – – – – – 162 calories

We discovered a killer lamb stew a week or so ago. The problem is, being lamb, the stew’s a bit hard on the waistline. Bison is plentiful around here. (In case you didn’t know, they used to grow naturally in the neighborhood, so a number of local ranchers raise them now.) We used to eat quite a bit of bison in Alaska (one of the perks of being involved in the road kill recovery program in Delta Junction), and I’m not a big fan of the stuff. It’s milder than venison, but a bit gamey all the same. And I think the farm-raised bison has the same strong flavor as their wild and free (and splattered on the asphalt) counterparts.

But, this lamb stew is loaded with rosemary and onion, so I figured it was a dish that just might domesticate the bison meat, and I was pretty sure that bison, being so lean, was lower in calories than lamb. Well, the stew turned out quite delicious. And when I actually did the research to compare calories, I was blown away.


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