Illegal Aliens

Down in Texas they have a group called “Border Watch”.” It’s an ad hoc group of citizens doing citizen justice trying to protect the United States from illegal aliens.

Today Brenda and I took part in such an effort up here, just south of the Great White North. This part of the U.S. has been overrun by illegal aliens from the north. Snowy owls are severely short of food this year up in Manitoba and a lot of them have crossed the border, travelling as far south as Iowa and Nebraska in search of food.

A few days ago a friend of Brenda’s called her up to see if she wanted to go in search of snowy owls this morning. Her husband had a good lead on where several might be. So off to the corner of 310th St and Eastland Ave (before you get the wrong idea, that’s two gravel roads out among the corn fields) to the east of Sloan, Iowa, binoculars and cameras in hand, we began our search for those illegal aliens, the snowy owl.

We never did see any today. Just a few red tailed hawks and another bird I initially thought was a marsh hawk, but was probably a rough-legged hawk. (It had a white butt instead of a dark one — Cornell University says that’s how you tell the difference between a marsh hawk and a rough-legged hawk. So, if that’s the case, why don’t they call it a white-butted hawk? Just wondering.)

Well, we never did see our snowy owl, but that doesn’t mean that American resources shouldn’t be saved for Americans. So we prayed for all the poor little field mice, hoped that American culture might stay as pure as the white butt on that hawk, and then went over to La Salsita restaurant to get some authentic tacos and stuff — none of that imposter food like they have at Taco Bell for us, after all.


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