About those Conservative Defenders of Liberalism

Jerry Salyer, over at Front Porch Republic, has written a great essay about what he calls “the Conservative Defenders of Liberalism.” I have been trying to say something intelligent on this topic for some time, especially in my posts categorized under “liberty,” but Salyer says it so much better than I can. Here’s a taste:

Carter’s attack [in an article in First Things] makes clear why I find it increasingly difficult to sympathize with conservative defenders of liberalism, who praise mass culture yet fret over socialism, who worry about relativism for a living yet dismiss concerns about uglification as reflecting the mere opinions of elitist aesthetes. A conservative liberal is somebody who encourages the prevailing progressive view that the past was benighted and is best forgotten, but then demands respect for the Ten Commandments and the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution — and to boot casually drops ten-dollar words like “polis” with unintended irony.

The whole article can be found here.


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