Munk Debates 2: Hitch on Religion

As a follow-up to the previous post, a year or so ago Chris Hitchens debated Tony Blair in a one-on-one Munk Debate. The resolution was, “Be it resolved: Religion is a force for good in the world.” For the next several hours, in memory of Chris Hitchens’ life, and in honor of his recent death, the Munk Debates are offering the audio of that debate for free.

It’s worth a listen, if for no other reason, to realize that Hitchens wasn’t particularly brilliant nor eloquent in his continuous screed against religion; he was just opinionated.

I’m sorry for his passing. He was an entertaining bloke, what with all his closed-mindedness and adolescent anger. I’m also sorry that he evidently didn’t understand that he was tilting at windmills. I too find offensive the things that Hitchens found offensive about religion. The difference is that I recognize that what he found offensive were not rooted in religion per se, but rather in the wickedness of the human heart.

And that is my final hope for Hitch. It is just possible that what he fought against so vehemently his whole life wasn’t God, but a horrible caricature of the gods that evil humans have created. It leaves the door open that he may have been a believer in the Truth, but couldn’t find it in the church for all our sins.


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