Without Knowledge of What Is Good

As well-meaning politicians (who are not grounded in the history of ethics, morality, and even the fundamental understanding of how their Christian faith has understood “the good”) offer up “solutions” to the various current crises, it would be well to keep in mind what G.K. Chesterton said:

[T]here is a conflict not on policies but on essential things. There is also confusion which is more dangerous; for it causes men to take action against evil without knowledge of what is good.

As true as this might have been back in the 20s and 30s, it probably is truer today. (Which is no doubt why the good folks over at the Distributist Review posted the article this weekend.)


One thought on “Without Knowledge of What Is Good

  1. I need to clarify a generalization in this post. Some politicians probably are grounded in ethics, morality, and the social implications of their faith (Christian or otherwise — we do have at least one openly non-Christian running for Prez this year, after all). Ron Paul appears to have a grasp of the ethical implications of both debt issues and life issues, for instance. I don’t know much about Michelle Bachmann, but I know the Sioux City Journal (which has a solidly Roman Catholic editorial bent and is also a thoroughly Republican paper — the Dems can’t catch a break in the Journal) has been highly critical of Bachmann’s big-picture ethical and moral cluelessness and the resulting jingoism which replaces it. And of course, that’s only the presidential candidates. Don’t get me started on certain of our elected officials!

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