New Trick for an Old Dog

My browser of choice for years has been Firefox. I originally used it because IE Explorer was so famously insecure. Explorer has caught up and possibly even surpassed Firefox on that front, but Firefox has add-ons and doodads that aren’t available on the other browsers, or if they are, tend to be clunky.

But Firefox’s latest security update has been a disaster. When I first loaded it, it crashed every few minutes. If I disable all the doodads, I can keep it stable and running for most of a day before it crashes.

There are two websites that I use all the time that only work with Explorer. (It’s a Java script issue which the web developers are aware of — I’ve visited with them — but simply don’t care about.) So I have Explorer set to handle the weirdness of those two web sites; and this makes it inconvenient to use for my everyday browsing.

I have therefore finally opened up Chrome for the very first time on this computer. Programs such as Robo-form are not compatible with Chrome and it simply lacks some of my favorite features of the other browsers, all in the name of minimalist elegance. But it’s not a bad browser if you want to step away from the Firefox swag.

Hopefully, the Mozilla folks will get their act together and fix Firefox. In the mean time, this post is being done from within the Chrome browser.

Shoot, now that I’ve sold out and gone utterly corporate by using the browser that is part of the great financial-industrial complex which is Google, maybe the next thing to happen will be that I’ll start drinking Starbucks and create a Facebook account. After all, one can’t be more financially-industrially corporate than social networking on Facebook from the comfort of a Starbucks chair.

Yeah, like that’s going to happen this week. One new trick at a time.


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