About What that Professor Said

I recently heard Fr. Irenei Steenberg report that when he was at university, he had a professor who said, “There are no stupid questions, only stupid people.” I have Properly Conscientious acquaintances who would claim this is a debatable resolution. Today I will take the affirmative in this debate and offer as evidence the following absolutely true story in defense of the resolution:

I stopped to fill up my car with gasoline. The attendant, who had little to do, stood in the door, leaning on her vacuum cleaner, and watched me put the nozzle in my car and fill up the tank with gasoline. Furthermore, there was not an electric outlet or power cord anywhere in sight (which is probably a good thing around fuel pumps). As I was paying for my GASOLINE (for it was a very old fashioned gas station where one could not pay at the pump) she asked, “Is that an all-electric car?”


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