The Rhetoric of Terrorism

Jeffrey Polet posted this article on Front Porch Republic in which he reports that Joe Nocera, in a New York Times opinion piece, calls the Tea Partiers “terrorists” who are waging “jihad” against the country. Polet then goes on to wonder:

If he genuinely believes that House Republicans will soon be putting “suicide vests” back on in an attempt to destroy the country, what is to prevent Nocera or persons of his ilk from moving pre-emptively and, well, killing these individuals before they can get their vests on?

I’m not a NYT subscriber and I don’t see any place to complain about allowing this sort of incendiary and outrageous rhetoric in the paper. But if you do subscribe to “New York’s quaint little local paper” as Richard Neuhaus (of memory eternal) used to call it, I would encourage you to complain.


One thought on “The Rhetoric of Terrorism

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