A Major Revision of Some Previous Work

I was recently in correspondence with a new reader who had run across my studies on the parables. In order to carry on an intelligent conversation, it seemed a good thing to reread that set of essays and I was disappointed in what I read. What I had initially discovered in the parables was a very different way of viewing Christian faith than the Pauline and Protestant version that I had grown up with. In trying to exegete the parables I ended up trying to prove a point rather than letting the parables speak on their own. The result was a series of essays that were unduly harsh.

Of course the parables speak for themselves quite well, and that primary voice of the parables tended to be lost underneath my rhetoric. So for the last month I have been doing a major revision of that set of essays. I think that for the most part I managed to remove the inflammatory content and allowed the parables to return to center stage.

If you are interested in the revised studies of the parables they can be found here.


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