Wrong on So Many Levels

We moved out of the house we were renting in Port Gibson today. In Sioux City we recycle plastic grocery sacks. I saved our grocery sacks because there’s a place about 30 miles away where we can recycle them. But I always forget the sacks when we go that direction (and, although it seems a perfectly legitimate excuse to go for a drive, I have a hunch it would be counterproductive to blow a couple gallons of gas just to recycle a few plastic sacks), so the job never got done. Today we threw them out. Of course, a large number of plastic sacks quickly becomes an unruly mess, so I needed a good way to corral them. I found a paper sack that was a bit small, but would do the trick … a Whole Foods Markets paper grocery sack. I stuffed all the plastic inside and tossed it in the dumpster.

I suppose there’s a special place in bunny hugger purgatory for people like me.


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