Happy Bach Sing Day (Dec 26)

Today’s high was only 11°, which is a record. But nobody’s going to notice our record cold weather because they’re having a blizzard out where they make up the news — New York City and Washington, where the news headquarters are.

I have an industrial strength parka that I bought in Alaska, but it’s a bit too warm to wear if the temp is above 0°, so I just layered up with my ordinary clothing when I went out and was quite comfortable.

Mostly I spent the day indoors. I puttered around the house singing Bach’s Christmas Oratorio, since today is “Bach Sing Day” (something we don’t bother with here in the U.S., but it’s a rather big deal in Great Britain and the Commonwealth — having now taught  high school World Cultural Geography, I know these things). Bach gets tedious after awhile, so I’ll probably switch to Lennon and McCartney tomorrow.