Back Home

I got back to Sioux City from Mississippi last night. The trip was uneventful. I ran into on-and-off snow starting at the rest area between Kansas City and St Joseph all the way to Omaha. It was just a skiff so it didn’t cause any problems.

It did bring back bad memories. That stretch of road right around St. Joseph seems to attract wet snow and ice. There were a few times that I had close calls along that stretch of I-29 when I was trucking. The only spot that was consistently worse (that I drove regularly) was U.S. 75 in Minnesota.

Speaking of trucking, I didn’t see one Keim truck this whole trip. (I drove for Keim TS when I was trucking.) Since their headquarters are just west of St. Joe, I always see a few of them in the area between St. Joe and Harrisonville, MO. Their website is still up so I assume they’re still in business.

I did see loads of lumber coming out of Harrisonville, two Maverick trucks hauling sheet rock through K.C. (that almost certainly came from Blue Rapids, KS), and a load of steel getting onto the interstate at St. Joe, and those items are the heart and soul of Keim’s business. (Oh yeah, another bad memory — hours of waiting for my load at the steel mill in St. Joseph. Those loads always messed up the weekly paycheck!)

Anyway, it’s good to be home … and it’s good not to be tarping a load of sheet rock in a sleet storm in Blue Rapids.