Do I See a Gouge in that Bowl?

According to the Seattle Times, airline ticket prices from Seattle to San Diego jumped from $350 to $600 moments after it was announced the Washington Huskies were playing the Nebraska Cornhuskers in the Holiday Bowl (in San Diego). As one fan wrote, “I think Alaska Airlines is more excited about the Dawgs making a bowl than us fans are.”

This is not a problem for Nebraskans, since you can’t get from Omaha to San Diego without going somewhere else first. Sort of like the Husker’s post-season. They can’t get to either Glendale, AZ (Fiesta Bowl) or San Diego, CA (Holiday Bowl) without stopping over in Dallas first.

Let’s see … Sept 18 (Huskers 56 – Huskies 21), Dec. 30 (Holiday Bowl),  Sep. 17, 2011 (Huskies come to Memorial Stadium) … The Huskers are playing the Dawgs more often than anyone in the Pac 10. I’m confused. To which conference did Nebraska switch?