Now, This is Just Wrong

Spied in the grocery store this morning:

Container labled "Fat Free Half and Half"This is wrong on so many levels. First of all, it’s “half and half”! What’s not to understand? Is the container half empty, or what?

Second, this is the Deep South where everything tastes better because folks know to add lots of fat. You know that container is simply going to expire on the shelf.

I suspect those liberal do-gooder Minnesotans are trying  to pull a fast one on the Southerners (and possibly the rest of the nation). You betcha!

Next they’ll be trying to exchange our deep fried catfish with baked walleye or lutefisk.

But we’re not falling for it. Bless those Minnesotans, but y’all send that cursed stuff back up the Mississippi River from whence it came!

One thought on “Now, This is Just Wrong

  1. justanotherjim

    Although, now that I’ve posted the picture, it occurs to me that it would be appropriate in some twisted way to put the stuff in your decafinated coffee.

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