On the Road Again

Nik & Jer have returned, so we’re on the road again. First stop will be Memphis to visit with good friends and former pastor colleague from Sioux City. He pastors a church in Memphis so we’ll worship with them on Sunday. After that we’ll follow the Great River Road north into Iowa. (We’ve already traveled the GRR from Bemidji to Iowa a couple years ago.) More about that later.

Our trip to Mississippi is now complete. Last night we stayed in a Plantation Home built in the 1860s — more about that later. The night before I was finally bit by a fire ant. I know they’re in the yard; I’ve heard horror stories. And if I have to have an up-close-and-personal with Mississippi fauna, I’d prefer a fire ant over a rattle snake or a water moccasin.

I was moving a branch fallen out of a lawn when I felt what I thought was a sticker on my hand. When I looked I saw a little tiny fire ant crawling on my hand. Actually it was probably a baby, given how small it was. Maybe it was more of an ember than a full blown fire ant.