The Family Jewels

Back on this post I erroneously claimed that I had given two items, currently on my sister’s desk (and one underneath), to my mother as Christmas presents. I assumed that my sister had rescued them from a trip to the Goodwill store or some worse fate when we moved dad out of his apartment.

If you read the comments attached to that post you know that this wasn’t the case at all. The pencil holder and bench were actually gifts I gave my sister when I was in junior high.

I also mentioned a seagull that I had given mom. Nik suggested I ask dad where it came from. (I have no idea why that didn’t occur to me. He’s sitting across the hall as I type this.) According to him, I did manage to get that one right. I bought it in Alaska when I was in college and spent a summer in  Palmer. Mom was getting tired of too many duck decoys, so I bought the seagulls instead.

In the original post I said something disparaging about the birds, calling them a bit kitschy. That might have been unfair. Even though they aren’t high art, they manage to reproduce exactly what seagulls do when they’re hanging around a pier. Both dad and I agree the poses are very realistic. You can decide for yourself because I’ve included a picture below.

The family jewels

In defense of my assumption that I made the pen holder for mom, I probably did make one for mom. As you can see from the photo, while practical, it’s a very easy project for a Junior Higher to make and I probably made five or six of them — who knows, maybe a dozen — that first semester in wood shop. I know I had one on my desk for years. Dad said mom had one and he may have had one too, and of course I gave the one pictured above to my sister as well. For all I know, the pen holders were probably like zucchini in July … the sort of thing you stick into the back seat of cars at church if people are foolish enough to leave their doors unlocked.

And one final question: Are memories like sounds in a forest? Are my other childhood memories still false just because I haven’t told anybody what they are?

aah, I’ll leave that question for the philosophers.


One thought on “The Family Jewels

  1. Better stick to theology rather than to family history. It is hard for most us to disagree with your theology, but when it comes to family history, we all have an opinion, and we tend to stick with it.

    Actually, I enjoyed your family history recolections. I remember the sea gulls and always liked them. I don’t know if I ever knew where they came from. One thing I have wondered about, what ever happened to the stamps that we collected from the missionaries that mailed letters to our family? Some of the countries they came from do not exist anymore.


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