Cheers for Lance Armstrong

After my rant about Lance the other day, I have to give him kudos today. Sunday he lost ten minutes in the Tour de France and is no longer in contention for a spot on the podium. Most prima donnas (and there are a lot of them in professional cycling) would have quite the race then and there. But Lance while admitting defeat in le Tour is still racing.

Today, on a stage where he would normally shine – a day in the mountains with three huge climbs including a “beyond category” monster – he again came up far short but continues to race and support teammate Levi Leipheimer’s efforts to get onto the podium in Paris.

Good show, Lance. You may have treated Contador badly, but in respects to your current Radio Shack team, you’re certainly being a team player. I’ll admit that this surprises me and I will also admit that maybe I was wrong about you. Keep up the good work.